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Are Dental Implants Safe?

October 4, 2021


Dental implants are fixed artificial alternatives for missing or lost teeth and help restore a patient’s tooth in function and aesthetics.

The part of the implant or titanium screw that is placed inside the jawbone, is biocompatible. 

After this screw gets integrated with the patient’s jaw bone, the crown is placed on top of it to replace the missing teeth restoring the normal functioning.

Dentures and dental bridges have been a popular choice and the most common method for the replacement of teeth in the past and continue to be vastly popular even today.

However, since these are removable, and have been used for decades, their safety has never been questioned. 

Since Dental Implants are a popular tooth replacement option these days, finding out more about their safety crosses everyone’s mind.

It is quite normal to have this query as we all ought to be concerned about what goes into our bodies. 

In this article, we will try to put at ease your questions and apprehensions regarding the safety of dental implants. 

Who Can Use Dental Implants

Having been used for over 50 years with patients who are generally good oral and overall health, Dental Implants have been a fairly safe and successful option for tooth replacement.

Few conditions which prevent the immediate use of implants are

  • Active periodontal disease
  • Inadequate healthy bone tissue to hold the implant
  • Pre-existence of chronic disorders such as diabetes or heart disease

But even these conditions don’t necessarily rule out the option of dental implants.

Periodontal treatment by the dentist can restore the health of the gum tissue if one is suffering from periodontal disease.

The patient can then get the implants put in after the treatment.

Inadequate bone tissue can mostly be built up with a bone tissue graft to facilitate the successful placement of an implant.

If there are pre-existing disorders, the dentist will decide if one should have an implant based on the patient’s personal health circumstances.

Usually, most of these situations are also manageable except in rare cases.

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How Safe are Dental Implants?

Dental implants have proven to be not only safe but the best method that dental professionals have been performing for over 30 years now to replace missing teeth.

Modern technology and the method of installing implants have continued to improve over the years.

Though implant procedures are fairly safe, they are nonetheless surgical procedures and similarly like any other surgical procedure, there are risks involved.

However, the possibility of infection or rejection after having implant surgery is very less.

Dental implants include two parts: the screw and the cap.

The screw is made up of titanium which is a biocompatible element and is also used in joint replacement surgeries. 

The jaw bone grows around a well-placed implant and gives the screw the strength to support the crown & function like a real tooth.

Titanium’s impressive biocompatibility makes it totally non-toxic and harmless to living tissues. This characteristic also allows it to be highly resistant to corrosion.

The cap of the implant is made up of biocompatible ceramic, just like the ones that make routine crowns and bridges

However, if one has a rare sensitivity to copper, zinc, lead, or nickel, the dentist may recommend some other dental solution to replace your teeth.

However, the dental implant procedure should strictly be performed by a qualified dentist only to ensure the full safety and success of the treatment.


Dental implants are the best option for the replacement of missing teeth these days. They are very safe and long-lasting tooth substitutes.

However, the surgery should be performed by a competent and qualified dentist only. Kirkland Dentist Dr. Gaurav Sharma has more than 400 hours of continuing education credits for dental implant training, so you can be sure of being in safe hands. Book an Appointment for Dental Implants now.

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