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Dentures: Types and Uses

Dentures: Types and Uses

Perfect smiles and aligned teeth are aesthetically pleasing and a sign of good oral hygiene. It is a known truth that we cannot escape the effect of aging. 

With time, our body needs additional care and if we are not careful enough, we are going to face serious health problems.

These health problems worsen with due time, and it is the same with your oral hygiene. 

Our oral health will deteriorate as we age if we are not careful, and if we continue neglecting it.

There may come a time where due to various reasons of neglect, we start losing our teeth.

At this time, one needs to get the first set of dentures to replace the missing teeth.

What are Dentures?

In simple words, dentures are “false teeth", a prosthetic device that is used to replace your missing teeth.

There are several designs, and some may come in the form of fixed prosthodontics or dental implants

There are two main types known as partial and full dentures. 

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are for those individuals who still have healthy teeth.

Patients who are looking forward to partial dentures must have healthy jaws with teeth available in the upper and lower parts of the mouth.

They can be very useful in restoring good oral hygiene and health.

Partial dentures come as clips that have the teeth to fill the gaps of the missing teeth which are placed around the healthy tooth.

Depending on your choice, you may either choose clips that are visible or tooth-colored ones that will camouflage when you are in conversation. 

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Reasons to Go for a Partial Denture 

Consider the following reasons if you are going for a partial denture: 

There are various types of partial dentures available in the market, depending on how many teeth one needs to cover. 

It also depends on the cause of one’s discomfort, the necessity for partial dentures and the cost involved therein.

It is always desirable to seek consultation first and figure out the best possible plan for your needs.

How Do Partial Dentures Help? 

Having said that, it could be one of the best investments you will make.

If you are sad and have stopped smiling because you lost your teeth over time, you need not worry. 

Our dental specialists at Kirkland can offer you a consultation and share the options that will get you back smiling again. Contact us today and get your happy one!

Dr. Gaurav Sharma Dr. Gaurav Sharma Dr. Gaurav Sharma has been in practice since 2015, after graduating with his DDS from New York University with honors in Implant Dentistry that same year. Before moving to the U.S., Dr. Gaurav practiced in India for 4 years as an Associate Dentist after graduating from one of the top dental schools in India with a Bachelors's in Dental Surgery (BDS) in 2009. He is a good listener who takes time to explain different treatment options so patients fully understand. He takes pride in bringing smiles back to his patients. With his experience, skills & passion for dentistry, Dr. Sharma can provide the best dental care to his patients.

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