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Dental Bridge Problems and How to Avoid Them?

December 24, 2022

Dental bridge are a cosmetic solution with a more permanent nature, unlike dentures. These are safe and long-lasting when you get them from an expert dentist. These enhance the smile by replacing the missing tooth, enable you to speak, eat normally like with the natural teeth, and prevent displacement of other teeth by filling the gaps.

Even with the best care, some dental bridges problems can occur. Being aware of these issues and their symptoms, timely intervention, and regular checkups will nip the problem in the bud.

Here is a list of the Permanent Dental Bridge problems you should be careful about

  •  Ill-fitted or poorly fitted bridges– this is an issue you face when you don’t seek the services of experienced and qualified dentists. Initially, there will be irritation with poorly fitted bridges which can eventually lead to boils, infections, gum recessions, bites, etc. Avoid these by getting dental bridging in Kirkland from the best experts.
  • Tooth decay– poor oral health and hygiene will lead to tooth decay over time. When the teeth supporting the bridge decay, it will lead to the bridge becoming loose. Avoid this by following proper oral hygiene and getting regular dental cleaning.
  • Sensitivity and cracks– tooth sensitivity can be a standalone issue or can occur as a result of a cracked tooth. A crack in a tooth which supports the dental bridge must be addressed at the earliest. If you have persisting sensitivity or notice a crack in the tooth, see your dentist at the earliest.
  • Damaged bridge– this can occur after many years when the bridges wears down over time and will need a replacement. At other times, eating hard or sticky foods or an impact can damage the dental bridge. For minor issues, an experienced dentist may be able to repair it. Most of the time, you will need a replacement.

   Make sure you are watchful of the dental bridge infection symptoms like

  • Bad breath
  • Loose dental bridge
  • Discomfort, pressure pain, hypersensitivity

The infection can be due to ill fitted bridges, tooth decay or gum infection. It is a serious issue and you must see your dentist at the earliest. You may need a tooth extraction or root canal or dental filling, along with antibiotics to treat the infection. Sometimes, a replacement of the bridge may be the only option.

How to avoid dental bridge problems?

Most problems and issues associated with dental bridges are avoidable when due precautions are followed. 

To avoid different dental bridge problems, pain, and other issues, follow these guidelines-

  • Get dental bridging in Kirkland from top experts. This ensures that you avoid all issues related to poor procedure or poorly fitting bridges. This is the first and foremost step to ensure the best treatment. 
  •  When you get the dental bridges, your dentist gives you certain instructions and advice. You are also told about when and why to schedule the appointments. Please heed to these instructions.
  •  You may need to be careful with flossing with newly fitted dental bridges as any force can displace the bridge. You will also be advised to eat soft foods at room temperature until the healing takes place.
  •  Make sure that your dental bridge is perfectly aligned with your gum line. This will help you avoid irritation and infection of gums. Also, there shouldn’t be any gaps as gaps lead to food particles getting lodged. This can result in decay and infections.
  • Oral hygiene is the key to avoiding most dental issues. Just like other dental procedures, you must ensure that your oral health is good.
  • You must brush your teeth twice a day using the proper technique, a soft bristled brush, and a good toothpaste without abrasives.
  • You must floss once a day. You may also use water pick or interdental brushes.
  • Follow the instructions given to you for oral hygiene immediately after placing the dental bridge.
  • Always use antiseptic mouthwash to clean hard to reach areas.
  • In order to avoid dental bridge problems, you should avoid eating or chewing foods which are too hard, too sugary, and too sticky. Your natural teeth and your dental bridges can be damaged by such food items.
  • If you feel any change in your dental bridge or its fitting, you must see our experts soon to avoid it from damaging the bridge. You can book your appointment now. Many times, the bridge can be repaired if seen in time.
  • Whenever using any cleaner, ensure it is approved and allowed by your dentist.
  • Regular appointments and deep cleaning every six months can keep your teeth and dental bridges in good shape. This also helps ensure that your dental bridge fits and aligns properly with your gum line.
  • If you engage in high impact sports or activities, wear protective guards to prevent damage to the teeth and Dental bridges.
  • Avoid foods and drinks that stain the teeth as they will also stain your dental bridges and replacement teeth.

 Although modern technology ensures that dental bridges today last for a decade or more when they are cared for, there is always an expiry date and you will eventually need a replacement. With expert care, you will not face issues like cracks and poorly fitting dental bridges. We provide the best dental bridging in Kirkland with a range of restorative and cosmetic services.

Are you wondering how much dental bridges cost?

The cost depends on the type of dental bridge. 

There are three types of dental bridges: Traditional bridge, Maryland bridge and Cantilever bridge.  

Usually two appointments are needed and sometimes four may be needed. The dental bridges are usually good for a decade and even more. Considering this, the cost is almost insignificant for the value they provide. Your insurance plan may also cover the cost. You can check with our clinic for more details.

Is it painful to get a dental bridge removed?

With good care, a dental bridge lasts for a pretty long time. It is not at all painful to remove a temporary dental bridge which may be placed before placing a permanent dental bridge. A permanent dental bridge may be removed if there is any crack in the bridge, a problem with the false tooth or when the abutment teeth need to be treated.

Whether a dental bridges removal will be painful or not will depend upon the expertise of your dentist. This is why it is so important to get your dental bridges from our experts. An expert knows how to cut the bridge without causing any pain. If a surrounding structure is involved, then you will be given local anaesthetics. A good dentist can, at times, save the bridge and repair it.

How much will it cost to remove a dental bridge?

The cost of removing a dental bridge depends on several factors. Your dental bridge removal cost may vary according to the involvement. You can find out the actual cost by consulting our experts. 

Get personalised care and help from our experts at Kirkland in a stress free environment. 

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