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Dental Implants and who should go for it.

September 25, 2022

The missing teeth not only affect appearance but also affect speech and eating habits. In addition, several people feel quite embarrassed when many of their teeth are missing. The humiliation also affects their speech as well as their self-confidence.


Many still think there are no good and viable solutions for missing teeth. As a result, they opt for temporary solutions like bridges.


Temporary bridges do not require any surgery. Still, people using temporary bridges as a solution to the missing teeth are usually not at peace. Why? The bridge is never comfortable because it is loose. Sometimes it slips out all of a sudden when eating food or having a conversation with someone. Moreover, they can be highly embarrassing if it happens in front of a lot of people.


Therefore, dentists suggest people opt for dental implants over other solutions. One major reason is that implants look very much like natural teeth. Plus, maintaining them is highly easy.


Who should go for dental implants?


Whether you have lost your teeth due to age or some accident, you can opt for dental implants to recover your smile back. The best thing is that you can replace one or all of your teeth. One can have them in place of dentures or bridges. However, ideal candidates are those who have healthy gums and the ones whose jawbones are no longer growing. Also, one should have enough bone so that it can properly support and anchor the dental implants.


Benefits of dental implants

Permanent solution


Dental implants are popular among people because they are a permanent solution. The dentist will install the implant in your jawbone. As you recover, the implant becomes highly strong and unbudging.


Since a dental implant is quite a critical treatment, it’s recommended to choose the best dentist for that. If the installation procedure doesn’t go well, you may face adverse effects.


Reliable option


If you want to enjoy your favorite food without any restrictions and fear, then dental implants are your best bet. It doesn’t involve putting an awkward wire in your mouth, so it’s more comfortable.

Also, the implants do not hurt your bone, gums, or remaining natural teeth. Over time, your replaced teeth turn strong!

Dental implants are low-maintenance


On a hunt for a permanent solution that is low-maintenance? Go for dental implants because all they need is a good oral hygiene routine to last a really long time! But what does a good routine include? Well, flossing, brushing your teeth two times a day, and using a good mouthwash. That’s it!


So, what are you waiting for?


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