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Unveiling the Digital Smile Design Process: An In-depth Guide to Transforming Your Smile

June 16, 2023

Is your smile hampering your confidence?

Are your teeth Misaligned or Crooked in shape?

Do you want to attain a perfect, sparkling smile?

Who doesn’t?

Sparkling, straight teeth are desired by one and all. And now digital smile design process makes it possible to have that perfect smile you have always desired.

The past few years have seen a big leap of progress and innovation in the use of technology in the dental field,  making Digital smile design one of the most innovative tools that are being used by dentists to correct misaligned smiles and crooked teeth and give their patients the smiles they desire.

What is Digital Smile Design and How can It help me?

A cosmetic dental procedure that employs computer software to correct the shape of a patient’s teeth, Digital Smile Design is helping more and more people to get straighter smiles.

The Dentist takes photographs and videos of the dental proportions of a patient from various angles and feeds them into the special 3-D software.

The potential and possible solutions for realigning and restructuring the teeth of a patient are then suggested by the software through the images which become a digital representation of a patient’s desired smile and can be used as a guide to achieve the desired results.

This process is called Smile makeover simulation and it allows patients to discern the final look even before the dental procedure has begun.

A treatment that has revolutionized cosmetic dental treatments, DSD can treat abnormalities like tooth root exposure, crooked and chipped teeth, misalignment, fracture, missing teeth, etc.

First and foremost it is important to comprehend and understand the positive role that digital smile design can play in attaining your desired goals.

A completely painless and non-invasive procedure,  DSD can be completed in just a single visit to the dentist. DSD procedure involves the use of digital technology to create a 3D model of the patient’s face and teeth, which is then used to design the patient’s ideal smile.

In case you are contemplating Digital Smile Design as an option to improve your smile, then it is normal to wonder about what to expect during your initial appointment. This article will clarify all your queries and doubts about the process.

What should I expect during my Initial Consultation?

The first step towards a perfect smile through the process of Digital Smile Design is to find a provider near you who provides digital smile design services.

Kirkland Premier Dentistry is fully equipped and holds expertise in providing DSD treatment to its patients.

The initial consultation is extremely important as through this the dentist gets to know about your requirements and makes you aware of all the aspects of the Digital Smile Design process.

 During the consultation,  the doctor will explain the digital design procedure to you and discuss your goals for treatment. This appointment also helps the dentist to know about your dental history.

Digital Smile Design Process

A multi-step process, DSD includes the following steps from start to finish:

1. Gathering Information

The next step after the initial consultation is to collect aesthetic and structural information about the teeth of the patient. Your dentist will take high-quality three-dimensional photos and videos while speaking and smiling, from various angles of your mouth.

A digital scanner or an intraoral scanner is used for the purpose and the data is imported into the DSD software. Intraoral scanners offer more views of the patient’s mouth and are extremely effective.

The technician watches each image pop up on the screen in real-time during the scan to ensure capturing of the right images, at the angles required to create a visual representation of the final result. This step saves your time and effort during the process as you do not need to come back to the dental office for any additional imaging after the consultation.

2. Smile Design Simulation

 The images are then uploaded for analysis into a computer-aided Digital Smile Design software which is an efficient tool. The software then graphically generates a 3D model of possible solutions as per the patient’s requirements by analyzing the data.

This serves as a digital representation of the patient’s dream smile. As your provider looks into the various forms and shapes in the data and places them over the tops of your teeth in the images, it allows you to look at the results before the actual process even begins.

Also, it gives dental providers an idea of what is needed to create a physical model with a dental lab.

 You must discuss your goals with your digital smile designer clearly. DSD gives you an opportunity to approve the 3D model and mock-up images of what your smile will look like after the treatment. You are in complete control when you choose DSD to correct your misshapen,  misaligned, or crooked teeth.

In some cases, the provider may even temporarily place parts of the model in your mouth to give you a better idea of what your teeth will look like when you speak and smile after the treatment is complete.

You can either approve or ask for changes in the design. The process will only be carried out after you have approved the design.

A treatment protocol will then be created, tailored to your unique needs as related to your face aesthetics based on this model.

Your provider will then review the cost of treatment and answer any questions you may have.

3. Cosmetic Procedure

The restoration process begins after your approval and the lab then creates a more realistic model, with the help of images and videos. Removing any fragments or damaged teeth your DSD specialist places the restored teeth as implants or veneers.

Each tooth is restored before moving on to the next one. The process is completed with a polishing treatment to make your teeth look shiny and clean.

And Voila! You have a smile exactly as you always wanted. 

The length of the treatment and costs can vary from patient to patient. Our doctors and staff take complete care of your comfort and needs during the procedure and also adequately guide the patients about the post-operative care needed.

If you are looking to improve your smile, then our well-equipped clinic and highly trained doctors and staff are the perfect answer. We at Kirkland Premier Dentistry believe in providing the most competent services to our patients. And your satisfaction is our priority. Giving you the smile you desire and deserve helps us to smile wide!

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