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Discover Digital Smile Design: Revolutionizing Smiles

June 5, 2023

What is Digital Smile Design?

DSD or Digital Smile Design is a revolutionary treatment that involves the specific use of high-end visual and digital design technology to create a natural-looking and beautiful new smile.

DSD is considered one of the most innovative and personalized forms of dental treatments which perfectly combines dental science, aesthetics, and state-of-the-art technology to create immensely satisfying results for patients. 

Digital Smile Designing tool enables accurate aesthetic visualization of the patient’s problem, therefore making it easy for the dentist to plan a personalized solution.

Digital Smile Design includes creating a digitally simulated model which helps the patient visualize their smile long before the actual process is done. The best part about this technology is that everything can be edited anytime until the most desirable results are attained.

A digital 3D design is created with inputs from the patient so that they can self-design the smile that they desire. This gives time for the patient to accept the treatment and cherish the end results. 

Why Does Digital Smile Design (DSD) Work?

We understand that each smile is incredibly precious and unique. Each smile has a story to tell. Now you can tell your story like you want to. This is why the DSD concept is ideal for patients who want to create their own smile according to their own ideal look.

Patients get greater control, which directly means more flexibility and satisfaction for them. The process takes place in several stages, and we make sure that you are a part of each step. 

Digital Smile Designing Process – How it works 

The first part of any treatment with us starts with an honest talk. We like to listen to your concerns. We like to make sure that you know we fully understand what you need. Our treatments are planned in a that makes our patients feel absolutely comfortable and cared for at all times. 

Step 1 – Listening to you

The process starts with an accurate facial analysis to take note of the patient’s facial structure and symmetry. A highly specific digital photography protocol is followed to take the most high-quality and precise photos of the patient’s face and teeth. This enables us to map your teeth, lips, gums, and jaw to study the relationship between these parts. This protocol is followed by strict standards to ensure the most proper planning and treatment. 

Three frontal views are taken, which include:

A view of the entire face with a wide smile and the teeth apart. 

Another view is taken when the full face is in a resting position. 

A retracted view of the teeth is taken where the full maxillary and mandibular arch is visible.

Two profile views are taken:

One view includes one side profile at complete rest. 

Another side profile view is taken with a full smile. 

A 12 O’clock view is taken with a wide smile where the incisal edge of the upper teeth are visible and resting on the lower lip. 

An intra-oral view will include the maxillary occlusal view from the second premolar to the second premolar. 

Step 2 – Analyzing the data 

In the next part of the process, the data which is collected from digital photography and videography is analyzed accurately. Even the minutest imperfections are taken into account and corrected digitally to create a perfect and aesthetic model. This step aims to analyze your facial data and calibrate all measurements. 

Step 3 – Partnered planning

Now, a map of your perfect smile is created according to your aesthetic preferences. Here, you are going to play the most important role because you are going to choose what your model smile will look like. You can suggest any digital modifications to the 3D model of your smile in real time as the digital model takes shape. Make sure you are fully satisfied with the digital look of your smile before going to the next step. Any changes that you suggest can be made in this step. The final design has to be approved by the patient. 

Step 4 – Your smile manifests

In the last and final step of the Digital Smile Designing process, we create a 3D printed model of the virtual design and share it with you. This is the part where you get to see the fully manifested image of our work together. You are free to discuss any concerns regarding the final treatment or any changes that you want to be made. The final part of the process is deciding what treatment you want. We will suggest all possible treatments that may get you the perfect smile we created using Digital Smile Design technology. These treatments may include dental reshaping, realigning, whitening, dental veneers or crowns, etc. 

What do you get with Digital Smile Design?

  • You can select the shade of the teeth 
  • You can balance and perfect the size and shape of the teeth 
  • You get to eliminate the gaps between the teeth 
  • You get the choice of realigning the rows of teeth 
  • You get to correct even minor imperfections in the teeth

See any hurdles? We have the perfect roadmap 

Do you hear yourself saying these things when you talk to yourself about your smile? 

  • I don’t have the time for frequent dental visits 
  • I have kids and a family to take care of 
  • I have a very busy work schedule 
  • I am scared of going to the dentist 
  • I think the dental treatment will hurt too much 
  • I think artificial teeth will make me look weird 
  • I don’t think getting new teeth will help me in any way 
  • I have heard that dental veneers can fall out anytime 

This is why we prefer to talk and listen to your concerns even before we discuss the treatment or possible results. 

Why we prefer Digital Smile Design 

We believe in perfection, and perfection is impossible without satisfaction. You get to see real results digitally before any actual work is done on your teeth. Seeing a real model of the ideal smile on your face is a highly satisfying experience that even the most reluctant patients.

A realistic 3D model gives you a complete picture of how your mouth will look after treatment. This is why we prefer Digital Smile Design technology. 

Benefits of Digital Smile Design Technology 

  • Your desired smile can be created after considering your aesthetic desires and facial structure. You decide, and we create. 
  • You get to see a visual and physical model of your aesthetic choices rather than just hearing about them. This gives you the benefit of seeing the results before even getting started. Unbelievable, right? 
  • You are provided natural restorations that put the focus on you. 
  • You get a realistic 3-D preview of the end result way before you get any actual work done. 
  • You are given various treatment options to achieve your perfect smile. We prefer complete transparency in the relationship with our patients. 

We love DSD (Digital Smile Design) and you should too 

Nature is an inspiration behind everything. If nature doesn’t care for perfection, and yet creates the most beautiful forms, then why should we do anything differently? 

This Digital Smile Design innovative technology allows us to follow the forms and shapes of natural human teeth. It helps us to find a balance to conform to natural proportions in the same way that nature does.  

When our experts work with you to restore your smile, we give you the most natural aesthetic results. Through this technique that uses natural algorithms and modern dental materials that mimic natural dental substances, we can provide a natural-looking aesthetic smile. 

Want to see how you would look with a naturally restored smile?

We run a modern practice providing high-quality dental care in an environment that caters to patients’ dental needs at all levels. 

Get in touch with us today and book an appointment with Kirkland Premier Dentistry. 

We look forward to answering your queries about getting a beautiful smile with Digital Smile Design. 

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