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Does Dental cleaning hurt?| Avoiding pain at the Dentist

December 27, 2022

Regular and deep dental cleaning- approach to prevent major dental issues


Our gums and teeth are important for us to receive nourishment, have a confident smile, talk without hesitation, and be our beautiful unique selves. Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial to all these aspects and also for overall health. Dental decay, inflammation, and infections also affect our systemic health. 

Plaque is a sticky film produced from saliva and food particles which also has bacteria. It can be removed through daily oral hygiene measures. This may not be possible from difficult-to-reach areas or when you don’t brush using a proper technique. When this hardens and calcifies, it forms tartar which cannot be removed at home. Despite the best oral hygiene practices, some tartar build-up and other dental issues eventually crop up. 

Standard Dental cleaning may not be sufficient for some people, especially those who do not visit their dentists regularly. A deep cleaning will be required for such patients. 

What is deep dental cleaning?

Whether you are worried about what teeth cleaning involves or the dental cleaning costs, you need to relax. This procedure is aimed at reducing and preventing major dental issues which actually cost a lot. It is a rather economical, short duration and sensible measure to prevent diseases of the teeth and gums which require expensive and elaborate treatments. 

With our experts, Kirkland dental cleaning experience will be most pleasant and satisfactory. It differs from the regular cleaning and involves a deeper cleaning procedure that goes below the gum line. Through this procedure which involves periodontal scaling and root planning, roots and base of the teeth can be reached. Tartar and bacterial build up is effectively cleaned to prevent future infections. It takes skill to remove tartar. A good dentist ensures proper cleaning with a good technique while a bad technique can actually cause some damage. Now you know why you need experts for dental cleaning in Kirkland. 

When do you need deep teeth cleaning?

Standard cleaning is a must every six months. Deep cleaning, when advised, is usually done once a year. You may be advised dental cleaning if you have-

  • Bleeding and/or swollen gums
  • Bad breath which does not go away with regular cleaning
  • Tartar build up
  • Loose teeth
  • Receding gums
  • Infected gums which may have pus

Deep cleaning has these advantages 

  • Prevents gum disease and helps stop existing gum disease from advancing
  • Treats gum infections which leads to rapid healing
  • Cleans the teeth giving you a beautiful smile
  • Treats halitosis or bad breath
  • Protects against tooth decay and protects the roots
  • During this procedure, a dentist may be able to find and treat other gum and teeth issues

The procedure

This is what you can expect when you get dental cleaning done at the dentist. 

Dentist will first examine your oral cavity and may take X-rays. Severity of the damage and whether partial or full cleaning is required will be ascertained. You will be given a topical or local anesthetic. Then the dentist will use manual tools or an ultrasonic device to clean the tartar build up and plaque above and below the gum line. Root planning, tooth scaling, tooth polishing are included in this. Sometimes flossing and fluoride treatment may be included. This prevents gum recession, bacterial build up and other issues. You may be given antibiotics and painkillers after the procedure. There can be swelling or bleeding from the gums which can be managed at home.

Does deep cleaning teeth hurt?

As the cleaning is targeting deeper to cover the roots and pockets around the teeth, there will be some discomfort and irritation. But you will not feel it during the procedure as your dentist will use topical or local anesthesia. When you visit an expert dental surgeon, they will take a detailed history to see if you are more sensitive. This enables them to take additional measures to help keep you relaxed and minimize the discomfort. 

If you were wondering why does dental cleaning hurt so much, now you know that a good dentist will ensure that it is a pain-free experience. It takes around 5-7 days for complete healing during which you can reduce the discomfort by taking proper measures. 

How to relieve pain after dental cleaning?

For most people, the discomfort after any dental cleaning procedure is tolerable. Some people are more sensitive than others. These are the basic guidelines and measures which will calm down any inflammation and reduce the pain effectively at home.

  • Make it a point to talk to your dentist if you have had pain and/or sensitivity after dental procedures in the past. Your expert dentist at Kirkland will examine for any cause of such complaints and give you suitable numbing agents.
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene at all times is the best way to reduce pain with such procedures. If your oral health is good, a dentist will have less work to do for dental cleaning. Less work will mean less irritation and less pain. 
  • You can ask your dentist if you can take a painkiller before the dental cleaning to reduce pain. Never take any medication before asking your dentist.
  • Avoid foods which are too hard, too hot, too cold, and sticky for a few days after the procedure. Make it a point to avoid drinks which are very hot or too cold. You need to avoid irritating your gums further and these precautions will help you do that. 
  • You will be advised over the counter painkillers. Take them as advised
  • Salt water gargles will also help to reduce swelling
  • You can also use a desensitizing toothpaste
  • Be gentle with your oral hygiene and eat soft foods at moderate temperature till all the symptoms go away. 

How long does a dental cleaning procedure take?

This always depends upon the extent of cleaning required as more plaque and tartar will take more time to be removed. Other factors involved in determining the procedure time are whether a patient has other medical conditions, is it a full or partial cleaning, whether the patient is anxious or relaxed, etc. Generally two visits are sufficient for a full mouth cleaning while in some cases four visits may be required. If only a few teeth need to be cleaned, a single visit may suffice. A single visit can last between one to two hours. As you can see how long does a dental cleaning take at the dentist depends upon several factors. 

Dental cleaning teeth cost- is it expensive? Is it affordable?

The cost for such procedures varies from one person to the next depending upon the extent of cleaning required. Again, good oral hygiene helps save the costs. If you have gum inflammation or other dental issues, it will take more time and more than one visit. This is what adds to the cost. In general, this is not a very costly procedure and you are charged for cleaning each mouth quadrant. Many insurance plans cover deep dental cleaning. Charges start around 100$ on an average. You can reach out to us for more details.

Get expert dental care!

Looking for Kirkland dental cleaning options? Look no further as you will get the best care in a relaxed environment to make your dental appointments a satisfactory and pain free experience. Schedule your appointment with us today. 


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