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Emergency Dentistry in Kirkland: How to find a good dentist?

January 17, 2023

Emergency Dentistry in Kirkland is a dental department concerned with unforeseen dental issues that require immediate attention. When a dental emergency strikes it can be difficult to find the best emergency dentistry if you are not already prepared. As emergencies can strike at any hour and can affect anyone from a child to an elderly person, it is best to have the contact details for the nearest emergency dental clinic with expert dentists. It is best if your regular/favorite dentist also provides emergency services.

Know how to find the best emergency dentistry in Kirkland

These are the best tips to find the best Emergency dentistry near you

  • Seek referral from people you trust- It is always a good idea to reach out to the people you trust like friends or family or colleagues. They will be able to offer you the best advice based on their experience. 
  • Reach out to your doctor or pharmacist- Medical professionals will know more than most people about the best emergency dentistry services in your area. So it makes sense to reach out to them.
  • Look for the clinics covered under your dental insurance- When an emergency strikes, you need access to emergency Dentistry without insurance or with insurance. If the clinic is covered under your dental insurance plan, it becomes easier for you. But there are ways out to negotiate the cost or get the treatment according to your current plan and coverage. 
  • Google your query- You can locate the nearest dental clinic with emergency services. You can also look at patient reviews. This can also tell you about the services a specific clinic provides.
  • Look for the nearest dental emergency clinic- Whether it is a tooth restoration or jaw displacement correction or the need to stop bleeding, etc, you need to get the emergency care as early as possible. This is why you need to find help in or around your area.
  • Check the services offered- It is a good idea to be aware of the credentials and experience of your dentist as well as the services they provide. You should not be left dejected if the clinic does not treat your dental emergency. Always check beforehand by calling the clinic. 
  • Check the age groups treated and the office hours- You may have full time jobs and need to see a dentist after the office hours. You need to be aware of the clinic timings and if they reserve time for emergencies. You also need to know if they treat all age groups or specific age groups.

Let us learn what are the most common dental emergencies

When it comes to dental issues, there can be some whose management can be delayed while for others you should know what is considered as a dental emergency as any delay in treating these can be damaging. 

These are some common and less common dental emergencies-

  • Trauma and loose teeth- If you had an injury or accident, you should visit the ER for multiple injuries. If there is only a loose tooth, damaged teeth, or displaced jaw, see your dentist at the earliest.
  • Knocked out tooth- Never touch the roots of a knocked out tooth as you need to preserve it till you see your dentist. Emergency dentistry clinic in Kirkland should be contacted for the earliest appointment. In the meanwhile, save it in milk or see if you can put it in the socket correctly.
  •  Severe toothache- If there is persistent toothache which is severe, it signals a bigger issue. All dental problems cause pain and discomfort but if the pain is severe, you shouldn’t delay visiting the best dentist in Kirkland. You also need to know what you can do for the toothache when the dentist is closed or while you  are on your way. You can do salt water gargles, use cold compress, and take an over the counter painkiller.
  • Abscess and infections- Abscess is a pocket of pus which needs to be drained. Whether you have an abscess or an infection, treat it as an emergency as this can spread and cause bigger issues.
  • Broken teeth- A tooth may develop a crack or it can break. Save the pieces and rinse your mouth with salt water. Use a cold compress to stop bleeding and to decrease swelling till you reach the nearest emergency dentist.
  • Swelling- This can be from cellulitis, an infected gum or tooth, pulpitis, etc. Use over the counter anti-inflammatory medicines, cold compress, and salt water gargles till you get the dental appointment.
  • Bleeding- Begin by rinsing your mouth with salt water and press the area with a clean gauze or cold compress. Reach out for emergency dental care in Kirkland at the earliest.


Can I go to emergency if I have a tooth pain?

Physicians are at the center of care for health emergencies. But they are not equipped and trained for dental emergencies. If you are wondering whether the ER can do anything for tooth pain, then you should know that they are unable to restore a tooth or treat the main reason for toothache. They can stop bleeding, treat associated injuries, and provide pain relief. But they cannot treat dental issues. You need to visit the ER for trauma to the face and other parts but for dental issues, see your emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Why is emergency dentistry so important?

At Kirkland Premier Dentistry, we are equipped to provide all emergency dental services. Whether you have suffered damage to the teeth or you have an abscess or you have severe toothache, our team will handle relief and restoration at the earliest. If you are looking for emergency dental services in Kirkland or around the area, reach out to us for any type of dental emergency. 

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