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Sinus Lift Surgery: Why You May Need It?

January 30, 2023

Your dentist may advise Sinus Lift Surgery if you want to get dental implants but don’t have sufficient jaw bone for the implants. 

This surgery is also called Sinus Augmentation or Sinus graft. It is usually performed by periodontists or oral surgeons as this is an advanced procedure.

What is Sinus lift Surgery? Why do you need it?

Sinus lift procedure is a bone grafting surgery that enables you to get dental implants. Your upper jaw is called Maxilla. Maxillary sinuses are located above the back portion of the upper jaw. Sinus means an air-filled cavity. 

During this surgery, a trained dentist will augment or add height or lift up the maxillary sinus which will make room for new bone. Sinus lift and bone grafting ready your jaw for getting dental implants.

Why do you need Sinus Lift Surgery?

This surgery is not needed for everyone who is getting dental implants. It is only for those people who don’t have enough bone for the implants. 

  • Some reasons for bone loss are
  • Birth defects
  • Diseases like cancer
  • Some people may naturally have large sinus cavities
  • Some people can naturally have a thin jawbone
  • Periodontal diseases
  • Loss of jawbone over time due to
  • Incorrect bite
  • Missing tooth which has not been replaced

Benefits of the Sinus Lift procedure

The main benefit of this procedure is the fortification of jaw bone. This process improves the jaw bone strength which makes the dental implant procedure safe and successful. 

This allows people to get teeth replacement which mimics real teeth in appearance and function. A weak jawbone cannot withstand this procedure.


How is the Sinus Lift Surgery performed?

If you are looking for a specialist to get dental implants and/or Sinus Lift Surgery in Kirkland, reach out to us for all the details. 

Here is an overview of what happens during Sinus Lift Surgery:


X-Rays and/or scans are taken to determine the size and condition of your upper jaw. This is followed by a consultation where you are explained about the available options for the Sinus Lift Surgery and dental implants. You will be explained about the bone grafting procedure and where it will come from. Bone grafting procedures are completely safe today.

The procedure

A small circular opening is made through the gum. The opening reaches the bone from where molars were extracted or are missing. The dentist will push the sinus membrane upwards creating a space where custom sized bone pieces are inserted. The area is closed with sutures. It will be a painless procedure where a suitable anesthetic agent and mode is selected for every case. Healing begins and depending upon a patient’s healing response and body’s acceptance of the bone graft, 4 to 9 months can pass before implants are placed.

This is followed by placement of titanium posts into the jawbone which then fuse into the bone. After a few months, an abutment is placed to which the dental crown/bridge/denture is fixed.


This procedure is followed by rapid and uneventful recovery in most cases. Following the Sinus Lift Surgery, you will have some soreness and swelling around the sinus region. Slight bleeding from the nose or mouth can also be there and is nothing to be worried about. You will be advised to rest for a couple of days. You may be prescribed pain medications, antiseptic mouthwash and antibiotics. 

  • To allow the sutures to heal and to avoid displacing the bone graft
  • Avoid sneezing
  • Avoid direct impact to the area,
  • Avoid blowing your nose
  • Avoid chewing hard foods from the side of surgery or otherwise till you are fully healed and your dentist has allowed it.
  • Avoid brushing teeth till allowed as this can cause bleeding by dislodging the clot
  • Avoid smoking as it delays healing

Call for an appointment if you notice

  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Bleeding after two days
  • Worsening pain or swelling
  • Signs of infection like fever, discharge, swelling
  • Any feeling of displacement of the graft or suture opening after sneezing or blowing your nose

Follow up

You may be called for suture removal in case non-dissolvable sutures were used. A follow up visit is generally scheduled a week or ten days after the surgery. The dental implant procedure will be started after you have fully healed.

How long does a Sinus Lift Surgery take?

The time can differ according to the complexity of the case. On an average, it takes between 1 to 2 hours.

Is Sinus Lift Surgery safe?

This is a reliable technique. When you go to an expert dentist, this is a completely safe technique with a very low rate of post-surgical complications. The success rate is very high for this surgery and for implants followed by this procedure.

Cost of Sinus Lift Surgery in Kirkland

Your dentist can give you an accurate estimate of this surgery as there are many variables involved.

The cost of Sinus Lift Surgery depends upon

  • Pre-existing conditions which need to be addressed
  • Complexity of the case and surgery for every individual case
  • Bone grafting materials used
  • Geographic location of the facility
  • Fees of the dentist

You may be able to get insurance for some portion of the procedure. Payment plans may also be available for Sinus Lift in Kirkland. You can also look at other payment options.

Sinus lift vs bone graft

These are different surgeries where the goal can be the same. It is to create a strong foundation for dental implants. Sinus lift is a type of bone grafting procedure where the sinus membrane is lifted to place the graft in the Maxilla for dental implants. Bone grafting may be done in other areas of the jaw for other reasons such as to save existing teeth, to maintain bone after extraction, for cosmetic purposes, etc.

If you have any questions about getting Sinus Lift Surgery, you can talk to our experts at Kirkland Premier Dentistry.

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