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Oral Health and Covid

May 5, 2021

The covid lockdowns have led to the postponement of scheduled appointments for many.

Dentist clinics are opening their offices with the mandatory protective gear and precautions but some people are still scared to venture out. 

However, poor oral health and hygiene put you at a higher risk of severities if you contact the coronavirus infection or are exposed in other ways. 

How Important Is Oral Health in the Covid Pandemic?

We all know, that studies have linked gum disease with other systemic diseases in the body. 

Oral disorders or cavities can harbor viruses and pathogens in your mouth. Commonly the patients who face the severities from COVID-19 infection are those with elementary ailments such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. 

However, it is a fact that patients suffering from periodontal disease have more chances of acquiring pneumonia than other individuals. 

It may be said that promoting oral health can significantly lower the severity of the symptoms of COVID-19 and the associated morbidities.

Oral Health and General Health

Over the past few years, research has made it evident that oral health has an enormous effect on general health, and it applies to covid times even more. 

Various researches suggest that cytokines or microbial products released systemically as a consequence of gum disease cause inflammation in different organs. 

The development of systemic diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, atherosclerotic heart disease and cerebrovascular disease can get enhanced. 

Studies have also shown that poor dental health can intensify the symptoms of these diseases too.

Contrarily, obesity also puts people at risk for oral infections, particularly gingivitis and periodontitis.

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Hospitalization and Dental Problems

If an individual with an oral cavity is hospitalized due to covid, he or she is more likely to catch pneumonia-type infections compared to other healthy patients.

Oral pathogens may aggravate lung infection, especially in immunocompromised patients and seniors.

Certainly, maintaining better dental hygiene and addressing infection/cavities can lower your risk of respiratory complications that are becoming life-threatening for people in pandemic times.

Covid, The Elderly & Dental Care 

It has also been shown that improved oral hygiene and dental health maintained with regular appointments reduce the progression of lung diseases, especially for seniors who are undergoing treatment in hospitals. 

The elderly population runs the risk of developing severity due to covid if oral health is compromised.

Covid 19 and Oral Health 

The pandemic is affecting the worldwide population in harsh ways. 

Dental care is urgent many times, and delaying it can flare up the problem.

Although some cases can be dealt with via telephone consultation, often a personal visit is essential. frequent but many times it requires personal visits. 

Dental pain is one of the severest. It can interfere with normal activities of eating and sleeping.

At Kirkland Premier Dentistry, we consider pain, swelling, tooth fracture, bleeding and inflammation as dental emergencies.

We are worried about the side effects of delayed dental care. If you have any issue, contact our office and have a teleconsultation at the earliest.

Consequences of Delayed Dental Care

People with orthodontic devices or ongoing implants or cavity problems are delaying treatment and bearing with the results. However, it is not recommended.


Unattended cavities can worsen to the stage of a root canal or you may even lose your tooth. 

Removed Tooth

After removing a tooth if the new substitute- an implant or denture is not put in the time, it causes bone loss and treatment becomes complicated in the future.

Gum Problems

Unaddressed gum diseases affect overall health and weaken the immune system as well. It can lead to inflammation, which can lower one’s immunity quite a bit.


Braces and wires need regular fixing too. If there is breakage or other mishaps, it cuts through gums and causes inflammation.


There are various oral issues that can cause complications or intensify symptoms if you were to contact covid. Take care of dental hygiene in covid times. 

At Kirkland Premier Dentistry Dr. Gaurav Sharma has 400+ hours of Continuing education from the prestigious AAID (American Academy of Implant Dentistry)

He applies for the latest research & advances in dentistry to provide the best dental care to patients.

Even if you or your family member is isolated, we are always at your service to help in all situations. 

Stay safe, keep your smile intact and take care of oral health in covid times with brushing twice and flossing once a day at least. 

For any kind of dental emergency, feel free to contact us online or call the office.

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