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Precise Implants Capture

Present times have seen some major breakthroughs and massive triumphs when it comes to modern medicine, including dental treatments.

The latest advances in science & technologies benefit and improve all aspects of treatment ranging from diagnosis to surgery.

The new systems and devices allow us to exponentially increase our patient's comfort, at the same time helping us to simplify the procedures and enhance accuracy.

So is the case of Precise Implants Capture (PIC), a method that is accurate when it comes to multiple implant rehabilitation.

What Exactly is Precise Implants Capture?

Precise Implants Capture or PIC is the most accurate and effective implant prosthesis rehabilitation solution on the market.

The only digital impression technique that is exclusively designed in multiple implant restorations, PIC is precise up to 4 microns and is validated by quite a few scientific studies and several successful clinical cases.

The technique is fast and accurate when it comes to taking digital impressions while placing multiple dental implants.

Extremely reliable and trustworthy, the technique allows us to get accurate impressions irrespective of the number of implants used.

It involves a process that is minimally invasive, very comfortable, and extremely swift.

The Precise Implants Capture (PIC) camera captures the patient’s mouth by implementing photogrammetry technology to collect information about the precise location of the implants, the angles, and distances between implants with high accuracy, turning information into a PIC file, which is like a perfect digital model of the patient’s mouth.

What are the advantages of PIC?

Accuracy- The PIC system is till now the most accurate oral scanner for implants in the world, with an effectiveness rate of as high as 99,9% as it has access to the smallest details of the patient’s mouth which allows it to record the exact position, angles, and interrelated distances between the platforms of implants

Reliable: PIC Dental Camera simplifies the process by taking a single capture against the several needed in traditional methods or intraoral scanners in which the accuracy of the result of each step depends on the last one.

Comfort: The PIC camera is not invasive at all as it allows the captures to be done quickly by implementing photogrammetry technology. Moreover, it does away with the need for messy or uncomfortable putty impressions.

Better Results: The PIC system not only helps to enhance the quality of dental restorations but also allows us to reduce the treatment time and the number of appointments for our patients.

We at Kirkland Premier Dentistry firmly believe in constantly improving and updating with cutting-edge technologies like PIC Camera to provide our patients with the best treatment and results.

PIC technology allows us to prevent our patients from spending unnecessary time during the dental consultation and also helps us to complete the treatment in fewer visits.

We can provide our dentists with the most precise information thus decreasing the need for numerous measurements and adjustments for fitting the prosthetics.

For more information about dental implants and other dental treatments, feel free to contact us today.

We assure you that with Kirkland Premier Dentistry, you are at the best possible place that you can trust with your precious smile.

We do not only believe in constant innovation and improvisation, but we also make sure we give our patients the most hassle-free and comforting experience!

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