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Realigning Your Teeth for a Better Look

August 16, 2021

Dentists at Kirkland Premier Dentistry have hands-on experience in realigning teeth and giving you the perfect look that you deserve. 

While it is natural to have doubts about whether it may be necessary or not to realign our teeth, we make it easy by discussing all pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision. 

What is Teeth Realigning?

Usually, adults and children have issues with crooked teeth that are not aligned leading to oral problems. Several reasons starting from your childhood could be one of the causes of crooked teeth. 

An external injury or trauma to your face, open bite, tooth decay, and in rare cases widened jaw could also be a cause of crooked teeth. 

Further, there may be situations right from birth depending on habit e.g., sucking on your thumb, could misalign your teeth. 

It is necessary to realign your teeth to have a proper bite, to better your dental hygiene, and carry a confident smile that would add to your personality. Further, it also adds to one’s overall confidence level.

Understanding Malocclusion 

Malocclusion can be one of the fundamental reasons why one requires teeth alignment, and therefore it is important to understand it. Malocclusion means “having crooked teeth” or a “poor bite”. 

It is a condition where your upper and lower jaw may not be aligned making your teeth crooked and abnormal in the outer appearance. 

The following are the symptoms that are widely known in orthodontic circles, 

  • Problems chewing food, or taking a bite
  • An abnormal-looking jaw that creates a dysfunctional appearance
  • Teeth that are not aligned
  • Problems of Open Bite. 

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Dental Issues of Misaligned Teeth

By now, you should know the importance of teeth realignment.

However, this is very much an individual choice, and many times people are worried about whether they would be able to afford the costs as these procedures may be expensive. 

But there is a ray of hope. The experienced dentists at Kirkland ensure that each consultation you get will not only maximize your benefit but will also be economically viable for you, depending on specific procedures that you would require. 

There may be numerous problems associated with misaligned teeth that one may not be aware of. 

It can affect your personality, and your self-confidence while you are speaking with people or in a group, and at times if it gets worse you may also face difficulties speaking and enunciating making your speech difficult to comprehend. 

Do not hesitate to book a consultation. Our able Orthodontic physicians are there to guide you at each step making you comfortable before you start your procedure. 

What to Expect While Realigning Your Teeth?

There are several ways of diagnosis and evaluation by dentists before they start the realignment process of your teeth. 

You will first receive an individualized consultation and the orthodontist will review the current condition of your oral health. 

X-rays may be required to determine the best possible procedure that would suit your needs.

Most cases of realigning teeth include adding braces for proper and sturdy alignment. 

Several braces are available which come at different costs. The treatment plan would depend entirely on your willingness to spend for your overall oral health and hygiene. 

Dr. Sheena Gaur, dentist at Kirkland Premier dentistry shares how most of the clients feel happier, more confident, and at ease after teeth realignment. 

Not only does it give the benefits of better dental hygiene and look, but also enables a person to feel more confident, joyous, and comfortable in large social groups. 

One small decision like this can make a huge difference to your social life and overall health.

Book an appointment now and get your consultation to fix and realign your teeth and regain your confident and radiant smile.

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