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Understanding The Role Of An Emergency Dentist: When To Seek Out Their Help

March 21, 2023


Dental emergencies are not a myth and are much more prevalent than most of us can imagine. But then all dental problems are not an emergency!

It is thus important to understand the situations that qualify as an emergency and the role of an emergency dentist.

This awareness can go a long way in saving your tooth and protecting your oral health 

Common Causes Behind Dental Emergencies 

The most common reasons behind a dental emergency usually include: 

  • A fall from a bike or otherwise
  • Accidents
  • Injuries during sports
  • Workplace Accidents 
  • Biting hard food or candies 
  • Car Crashes 

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Which are the Common Dental Emergencies?

Dr. Sheena Gaur at Kirkland Premier Dentistry explains that first and foremost you need to understand the difference between a dental and a medical emergency as it can both save you time and smile. 

Knowing when to call an emergency dentist is crucial for dealing with specific dental issues that require immediate attention. The role of an emergency dentist is to provide prompt and professional care for dental emergencies, such as severe toothaches, broken teeth, and abscesses.

Common Problems like crook & crowded or pale & stained teeth, tooth decay, cavities, etc. can be treated during regular appointments with a dentist and do not qualify as a dental emergency. 

A dental emergency mostly includes complaints like

Unexplainable Toothache:

A sudden and unexplainable intense tooth pain that progressively gets worse can be an indication that something is amiss with the mouth. 

Acute toothache is usually caused by pulp infections or something getting stuck between two teeth. Consider this type of pain as a signal to find a qualified emergency dentist immediately, ascertain the reason, and resolve the issue. 

Swollen and Bleeding Gums: 

Some gum irritation occasionally is quite common and normal for everyone but the gums that continue to bleed along with pain and inflammation can be a signal to see an emergency dentist as these can be caused by some other dental or health issue, requiring immediate medical care. 

Injury Of The Soft Tissue

An injury to the soft tissues of the mouth like lips, gums, inside of the cheeks, and tongue are a signal to seek immediate medical help and management. 

Missing Filling 

A Missing filling can be a cause of concern as it can lead to the tooth breaking or chipping easily for the lack of support needed. Moreover, it can many times even expose the tooth’s nerves, causing several other possible dental problems requiring immediate dental care. 

Knocked-Out Tooth 

A tooth that’s suddenly knocked out of your mouth due to a heavy blow or crash can be extremely painful. But if you are quick enough, a dentist can reinsert the tooth in its socket, thus saving it. Thus a tooth that is knocked out or becomes loose due to an injury needs immediate care from an emergency dentist. 

Broken Crown 

A dental crown that breaks or falls off is also counted as a dental emergency and needs professional intervention as it can leave nerves exposed, weak, and susceptible to infection & damage. An emergency dentist can replace the crown immediately and help to avoid a root canal or tooth extraction. 

Abscessed Tooth 

A tooth with a pocket full of pus can lead to an abscess which is an infection of the tooth that can not only be extremely painful but sometimes also life-threatening.  

Any fever, sensitivity to hot & cold, constant toothache, tender lymph nodes in the neck,

swelling in the face and mouth, and a bump or pimple on the gums near the infected tooth is a signal to see an emergency dentist immediately. 

Quick action will help to stop the infection from spreading into the jaw, surrounding tissue, and other areas of the body.

Food or Object Lodged Between Teeth 

Sometimes a piece of food or another object can get stuck in the teeth at a place where brushing or flossing fails to be of any help. You should consider this as a dental emergency and should seek the services of an expert dentist like Dr. Sheena Gaur who is adept at handling dental crises immediately. 

An unprofessional approach to the issue may cause the teeth to shift, cause irritation to the gums, gum disease, or even an infection.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Teeth can sometimes chip and crack while biting down on hard food or while using teeth to open bottles etc. Moreover, the grinding or clenching of teeth can also make them sensitive and prone to chipping or cracking. A chipped or cracked tooth needs immediate medical attention and one should see an emergency dentist as quickly as possible. 

Advantages of an Emergency Dentist 

There are several benefits of an Emergency Dentist. In case you or anyone in your family faces any of the above-mentioned emergencies, make sure to see an emergency dentist at Kirkland Premier Dentistry, for immediate action and emergency dental care.  

Some of the advantages of seeing an emergency dentist include 

Can Save You Time

An emergency dentist can help you save much of your valuable time as you do not need to wait for many hours or days before you can see a dentist for your dental problem. An emergency dentist can address the issue immediately and help to relieve your pain and discomfort. enduring. 

Assessment of the Problem 

An emergency dentist can assess and find out the cause of your unexplained discomfort or pain whereas lingering it due to lack of an expert opinion can worsen it. An emergency dentist can have your problem assessed immediately and can then adequately decide the further course of treatment. 

Save Tooth 

Emergency dental services largely decrease the risk of losing teeth. The emergency dentist can not only advise you about your dislocated tooth but also help to protect it. The professional tips can be extremely beneficial in an emergency that involves a knocked out or a broken tooth.

Relief from the Pain 

An injury or a swollen tooth is capable of giving you excruciating and intense pain, which can worsen due to a lack of medical intervention. The pain in some cases though can be controlled temporarily with over-the-counter pain medication, it may persist until you see a dentist. An emergency dentist can evaluate the problem, helping alleviate the pain and make you relaxed. A longer waiting period can only end up worsening a simple issue, sometimes leading to other health problems which may even be life-threatening, if not treated on time. 

A Word From Us

A dental emergency can happen anytime and anywhere like while playing an outdoor sport, in between a fight,  a sudden accident, or a crash causing a broken or knocked out tooth or bleeding of the gums. 

Emergency dental services are quite important and should be treated as crucially as emergency first aid services. Dental emergencies can occur at any time, making emergency dental care an extremely important part of dentistry. 

Contact Kirkland Premier Dentistry for all kinds of dental emergencies. We are always there to provide treatment for a dental emergency.  

Dr. Sheena Gaur who is very competent in dealing with such crises can help alleviate your pain and discomfort during a  dental emergency and save your tooth. We have been providing emergency dental services for many years now and our clinic is renowned for very effective crisis management. 

FAQs from Kirkland Premier Dentistry

Can I take some first aid in a dental emergency? 

You can take some first aid suitable for your condition like applying a cold compress outside of the affected area, to get relief from extreme pain till you reach your emergency dentist. 

Are there some medicines to provide relief during a dental emergency? 

Over-the-counter pain relievers like Tylenol or Advil can help to get rid of extreme pain to some extent till you reach the emergency dental clinic. However, only a proper assessment of the situation by an emergency dentist can resolve the issue effectively. 

Can a dental emergency be life-threatening? 

Some dental emergencies like an abscessed tooth can cause serious infections which can enter the bloodstream and pose a threat to one’s health and life. 

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