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Symptoms that one can identify if root canal is required

September 25, 2022

Endodontic treatment, also known as a root canal treatment, enables the long-term retention of teeth that would otherwise need extraction because of the damage to the tissue of the tooth pulp that is contained within the tooth.

A lot of sensitivity to cold or hot beverages and food, sudden toothache, and/or swelling are some common symptoms that hint toward the need for a root canal.

If you are trying to find out whether you need root canal treatment or not, don’t worry; this post discusses some symptoms that will help you identify whether you need RCT or not. So let’s begin!


Constant toothache


One of the symptoms that may indicate that you might need a root canal is constant toothache. Moreover, it is possible that you feel pain in other parts as well, for instance, pain in the face, jaw, or other teeth. So, if you are dealing with persistent tooth pain, it’s highly recommended to let your dentist examine it.


Tooth discoloration


Have a dark, discolored tooth? It can be a result of bad eating habits, poor hygiene, or serious harm to the nerve beneath your tooth’s surface. Root canal treatment is needed in case of any harm to the nerve and blood vessels.


Inflammation and gum tenderness


Gum tenderness and inflammation do not always hint toward the RCT, but in some cases, they do. No matter if the inflammation looks normal or if there is an obvious lump that causes some pain, you may require root canal treatment. Three symptoms to look out for include:


  • Swelling of gums is around the root tip
  • Inflammation that lasts weeks or months
  • Bad odor as a result of pus coming from your root canal



Presence of an abscess

An abscess is usually visible on an x-ray as a dark spot. In simple terms, the abscess is a hole in your jawbone.


Toothache while chewing


Toothache usually ranges from moderate to intense. In fact, patients in need of a root canal treatment go through severe pain while chewing food.


Exposed nerves in teeth


Had some dental work before, such as fillings or crowns? If they have worn out or damaged over time, they can lead to exposed nerves which can further cause severe pain as air, hot/cold substances, and bacteria can easily reach the surface and cause further damage.


So, if you are experiencing all these issues, it’s best to have a professional opinion. Visit our Kirkland Premier Dentistry today or book your appointment online!

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