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Clear Aligner Myths

September 24, 2022

How well-versed are you in invisible aligners? While most of us are aware that invisible braces are a type of teeth-straightening procedure, we may not be entirely aware of what this procedure comprises. In truth, some of the information we may have heard about invisible aligners may be falsehoods based on skewed facts.

Invisible aligners also referred to as clear aligners, are detachable braces made of clear plastic aligners. Here are some of the most widespread misconceptions about invisible aligners. This should make it easier for you to separate fact from fiction when it comes to this specific type of teeth-straightening technique.


Myth 1: Only mild cases are treated by them


Fact: A variety of mild to severe orthodontic problems can be resolved using clear aligners. Even though some complex situations may initially require dental work, transparent aligners can eventually be used to treat them. It’s crucial to select a grin repair partner who can correctly analyze your case. After that, they can create a plan for correcting your smile that is unique to you.


Myth 2: They are Ineffective


Fact: If you are trying to convince yourself not to get clear aligners and to remain with conventional choices for improving your smile, stop. As effective as traditional aligners, clear aligners are also available. In actuality, transparent aligners are superior to conventional aligners in this regard. They make flossing and brushing much easier as compared to traditional aligners. The result is you would have a perfectly healthy smile.


Myth 3: Invisible braces work less quickly


Fact: Depending on the issues being fixed, this may or may not be accurate. The teeth-moving power of clear aligners is equal to that of conventional aligners. However, some level of diligence is necessary. Only after the aligners are worn by the teeth can they be moved. Since they are removable, how long you wear the aligners (20 to 22 hours per day is recommended) has a significant impact on how quickly your treatment progresses.


For instance, the teeth might not have been “tracked” or shifted to the desired position before the next aligner if a particular aligner is not worn for a lengthy period of time each day. This implies that the following aligners might not fit properly or effectively shift the teeth. The effectiveness of aligners



Myth 4: They’re Exorbitantly Priced


Fact: Sadly, this is one urban legend that discourages most people from purchasing clear aligners. The truth is that they are less expensive than you may anticipate. They cost about the same as conventional orthodontic treatments like metal aligners.


In actuality, teeth aligners are 70% less expensive than other alternatives. Due to the remote monitoring of your smile makeover’s development, you would even save money on dental visits.



Myth 5: Food restrictions will be numerous


Fact: Traditional aligners come with a tonne of food restrictions but guarantee a straighter smile. There is a long list of foods that you should avoid eating, some of which can include your favorites.


The use of clear aligners solves this issue. There are no dietary limitations, and you can consume any food you like. Simply take the aligners off before eating and put them back on afterward, along with brushing your teeth. In the first few days, when your mouth can feel a little sore, you might need to eat a softer diet, but after that, you can eat whatever you like.




There you go, then! Some of the most widespread myths were debunked. Go ahead and schedule that scan session you’ve been thinking about for a while now that you are aware that they are only misconceptions.


To learn more about aligners, contact Kirkland Premier Dentistry. Patients can feel secure with us knowing that their particular oral health requirements will be met thanks to a dedication to continued education, shared knowledge, and an emphasis on transparency.


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