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What Are the Benefits of Full Mouth Dental Implants?

March 28, 2022

The loss of a whole arch or several teeth is faced by many adults even today.

Dental implants, which are one of the most remarkable methods to replace missing teeth, these days, are a good option for one or two missing teeth.

However, when someone has all or most of them missing, it can be resolved by an innovative solution known as ‘Full Mouth Dental Implants’.

Full mouth dental implants provide a permanent solution for several missing teeth or full-arch loss, at the same time conserving the gums and jaw bone structure.

Four to eight implants per row of teeth are fixed in the gum to sustain the tooth and they take the place of the roots, blending with the jawbones. 

The dentist places a set of replacement teeth on the implant anchors, once they have healed.

The replacement teeth may consist of a dental bridge or custom-made dentures.

What are the Types of Full Mouth Dental Implants

There are many types of full mouth dental implants like:

  • All-on-six dental implants
  • Zirconia bridges
  • Traditional removable prosthetics
  • Full-implants no-denture

Procedure for Full Mouth Dental Implants 

The treatment of full mouth dental implants is an outpatient procedure, in which the dentist takes some x-rays to determine the bone strength.

The number of implants that are needed is inserted in the form of a titanium screw and they act as new tooth “roots.”

After the jawbone and gum have healed an abutment and the new tooth crown goes into place, giving a permanent new tooth that is as stable as a natural tooth.

The first six months after getting the implants is the time when the teeth get stable and the implants are fixed. Several appointments may be needed till the implants have fully healed.

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What Are the Benefits of Full Arch Dental Implants?

There are several reasons which make full mouth dental implants a better choice and a more reliable procedure to replace multiple missing teeth. 

The full mouth implants do not only take less time than the single need for more teeth, but they also have several other benefits like:

Preservation of Bone Structure

The gums which support the teeth receive support from the jawbone found under the gum.

The tooth loss leads to the loss of the jawbone strength, bringing about facial structure changes as the height of the jawbone shrinks. 

This can result in corners of the mouth and cheeks sinking and sagging.

Full mouth dental implants provide the same support as natural teeth roots and stimulate the bone within the jaw to provide stability to the artificial tooth crown.

Providing a permanent solution that lasts for a lifetime, allows the person to eat, talk, and use the jaw without any problems, at the same time checking the bone loss and preventing the gum bones from shrinking.

Preservation of Adjacent Teeth

The shifting of the remaining natural teeth and misalignment problems with one’s bite can be prevented with full mouth dental implants.

Moreover, these save the wear and tear on adjacent natural teeth as they do not need to perform the double-duty of supporting bite pressure of the artificial denture and bridge, resulting in their weakening.

Higher Success Rate

The titanium dental implants derive their strength from the bone and gum that grow around the implant material and they do not need the periodic replacing that usually comes with dentures or bridges.

With adequate oral hygiene, the full mouth dental implant can last up to 25 to 30 years.


Full dental implants have a completely natural look and people are usually not able to tell the difference.

A natural facial appearance is also maintained during the restoration process giving one a beautiful smile.

Parafunctional Habits

Full arch implants are more durable than regular implants and are thus more suitable for people with parafunctional habits like clenching of teeth or bruxism which can take a toll on regular implants and natural teeth alike, causing the teeth to develop cracks or get weak.

Suitable for People with High Caries Index

Dr. Gaurav Sharma at Kirkland Premier Dentistry explains that Cavities can be caused often in people with high caries index leading to damage to the teeth, making them lose teeth regularly in absence of adequate awareness and care.

Full mouth restoration with a full mouth dental implant can prove to be highly beneficial for such people. 

Ideal for Missing Multiple Teeth

Full mouth implants are the best choice for people who have multiple teeth missing.

A long-lasting solution that needs zero maintenance, the patient has to go through much less discomfort and fewer visits than required for replacing every single tooth.

Doctor’s Note

Full Mouth Dental implants have changed the complete outlook towards the way complete tooth restoration was viewed a few years back.

A novel option for replacing multiple teeth or the full arch, full mouth dental restoration has immense benefits. 

Dr. Gaurav Sharma at Kirkland Premier Dentistry explains that the procedure saves the precious time of the patients, at the same time lending them a confident smile.

To know more about the benefits of full mouth restoration and your options book an appointment with Dr. Gaurav Sharma.

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