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Tooth Jewellery- Yay or Nay?

Tooth jewellery is a new style craze,  a new way to fashion up your smile. If you are a trendy person looking for an exotic way to enhance your smile, cosmetic dentistry is here for you.

Jun 16th, 2021
Are You Unknowingly Grinding Your Teeth?

It has been found that most teeth clenchers do it due to stress. The treatment approach is based on addressing the underlying causes of stress. At Kirkland Premier Dentistry, we encourage patients to try and reinvent themselves and separate the old habit.

May 30th, 2021
Smile Designing and Veneers

Do you laugh freely or are always conscious of how your teeth look? It is sad to be not able to flash a smile whenever you want. What if your teeth have gaps, stains, or are mismatched?

May 26th, 2021
Oral Healthcare in Children

Yes, they are, but you can not see them as they are embedded in the gums. Oral healthcare for your child has to start from the beginning. Even before he starts teething, gum care is important for healthy teeth to erupt.

May 23rd, 2021
Maintaining Oral Health In Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a disorder of pancreatic function which controls blood sugar levels. It is characterized by chronic hyperglycemia that makes the body prone to many diseases including neurological, heart disease, stroke, kidney disease.

May 17th, 2021
Oral Health and Covid

The covid lockdowns have led to the postponement of scheduled appointments for many. Dentists clinics are opening their offices with the mandatory protective gear and precautions but some people are still scared to venture out. 

May 13th, 2021
Dental Veneers

Your smile is one of the first features that most people will notice. What happens if a tooth needs some minor treatment to make your smile shine?

Apr 30th, 2021
What to do When a Dental Emergency Occurs?

While a dental emergency can occur at any time, most people are reluctant to call up their dentists. They bear the pain, unsure about whether it qualifies for an emergency or visit. However, you should never do that.

Apr 27th, 2021
Is Sugar Bad for Your Oral Health?

Everyone says that sugar is bad for your oral health, but how can one avoid it when it is an integral part of most food and drinks? Fruits, colas, beverages, cakes, desserts, and even bread have a certain amount of sugar in them.

Apr 25th, 2021
How Often Should You Get Teeth Scaling Done?

Healthy kids and adults should have their teeth cleaned via scaling at least twice each year. Periodontal problems can cause tooth decay and gum infection. Visit your nearest dentist for regular checkups. Call 425-243-6170 Now.

Apr 20th, 2021
Which is better- Flossing or Interdental Brushing?

Earlier we discussed the benefits of flossing and now we bring you advice on how to use interdental brushing. We know how important it is to clean between the teeth to ensure we have removed food particles & plaque.

Apr 16th, 2021
How Can You Keep Your Gums Healthy?

Few people know the importance of gum health. If you are here, it means you are mindful of the fact that guns are as important as teeth for oral health. Consult now 425-243-6170

Apr 11th, 2021
Bad Foods For Your Teeth

To minimize the problem of some of the substances, the best way to go is to consume them as part of a meal and not alone (red tomatoes and lemons). Use straws for acidic drinks.

Mar 30th, 2021
Benefits of Flossing your Teeth

If you have not been flossing on a regular basis, visit your dentist right away and get a scaling( professional dental cleaning) done as early as possible. Call Now 425-243-6164

Mar 21st, 2021
Dental Implants vs Dentures

Dental implants are the closest one can get to having natural & healthy teeth. The advantages far outweigh those of dentures, as demonstrated above.

Mar 6th, 2021
What to Do If You Crack or Chip Your Tooth?

A chip on the upper tip of the tooth or a crack can occur if you fall, get a blow on the face or bite something really hard. You may not even be aware of it as cracks are almost invisible, and barely show in x-rays.

Feb 19th, 2021
When and Why Do You Need a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal therapy is a dental treatment performed to remove the infected pulp and the root nerve of the tooth. Space is then filled and the tooth is covered with a crown to restore normal functioning.

Feb 6th, 2021