How To Fix a Chipped, Cracked and Broken Tooth At Home
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How To Fix a Chipped, Cracked and Broken Tooth At Home

April 25, 2024

We all know that human teeth are tough, and the hard enamel is one of the strongest substances in the human body. However, a single impact can break it and cause a lot of agony. It is really important to know how to fix a chipped tooth because it can impact the quality of life due to persistent pain and discomfort. 

The most sensible thing to do when one needs to fix a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth is to see a dentist to get a proper solution. But sometimes it may not be possible to schedule an appointment immediately. At such times, you should know how to fix a cracked tooth at home for temporary relief till you can see the dentist. 

This is a detailed blog which walks you through the practical steps to temporarily fix a cracked tooth at home until you get professional help, which professional dental treatments are available to you, precautions you should take, and some tips for a speedy recovery. 

How can one get a broken/cracked or chipped tooth?

While we all know that our teeth are resilient little machines working for years to help us eat, chew, smile, and talk properly, they can be damaged due to many factors. This is why oral health is so important and so are certain precautions to prevent damage to our teeth and jawbone.

A tooth or teeth can have fractures, develop cracks or may break due to several reasons. Before knowing about how to repair a cracked tooth at home, let’s see what is a cracked tooth, a chipped tooth, and a broken tooth. 

A crack in a tooth means a fracture or split in the tooth structure which may extend from the tip to the root. This may vary in size and depth. It may be just a superficial line or lines to more extensive fractures which may compromise the integrity of your tooth. 

A chipped tooth can be there when a small piece of the tooth enamel breaks off. This often leaves a visible defect on the tooth’s surface. The chip may be a minor or a large one. Larger chips can cause functional impairment. The extent of chipping will determine symptoms, visible defects, and the required dental treatment.

A broken tooth is a more extensively damaged tooth. Here the fracture extends beyond the enamel and can involve dentin, pulp, and even roots. A tooth may be partially or fully broken. More serious impacts from injuries, damage from severe decay, etc, lead to a broken tooth. Symptoms are generally more severe with a broken tooth.

The reason why one gets a broken, chipped or cracked tooth-

  • Age has a huge role to play here, especially with chronic diseases or when one is unable to maintain oral hygiene. With age, teeth also keep getting weaker due to constant wear and tear from years of use. 
  • Habits like teeth grinding or bruxism also weaken the teeth.
  • Poorly done fillings or very large fillings will compromise the integrity of the teeth.
  • Biting or chewing on hard objects, hard surfaces, and hard foods such as nuts or ice or candies also causes injury to the teeth.
  • Trauma due to direct impact, vehicular injuries, sports injuries, falls, etc, can also cause teeth to break, chip, or crack.
  • Sudden exposure to very hot and then very cold temperatures or vice versa can also cause teeth to crack.

How To Fix A Chipped Tooth At Home?

A chipped, broken, or cracked tooth is a sensitive matter which can cause long-term problems. This is why it is not wise to repair a cracked tooth at home. It is best left to a skilled and experienced dentist to treat this issue.

But there are some home remedies for a chipped tooth which can provide temporary relief while you wait for your appointment. 

These are a few home remedies which you can try:

  • Use an ice pack externally on the cheek because it can reduce pain and inflammation caused by a cracked tooth.
  • Remove food debris or any plaque using dental floss gently around the cracked tooth. Do not use any aggressive methods. Also, do not do this if the tooth is broken completely and there is bleeding or a wound.
  • Biting over a gauze can help the pain from cracked teeth due to bruxism. Do not keep a gauze while sleeping. 
  • A warm saline rinse can help decrease bacteria and also reduce inflammation and pain due to a cracked or broken tooth.
  • Over-the-counter painkillers, always taken in safe dosage for your age and health, can provide relief temporarily.
  • Avoid eating foods which are too hot or too cold as such temperatures can trigger tooth pain. Avoid eating from that side and better eat soft foods which don’t cause pressure.
  • Clove oil is also an effective short-term home remedy for chipped tooth pain.
  • A small chip or a crack in the tooth can also be managed at home by using a dental wax kit. It covers the sharp edges preventing soft tissue injury while also providing a protective layer for the damaged tooth.
  • You should also avoid sticky foods.
  • For a tooth that is completely or partially broken and detached, you should remain calm and take the necessary steps. First of all, stop any bleeding from the area by using a clean gauze to apply gentle pressure. Find the broken tooth or a part of it and hold it by the tip and never by the root. Use plain or saline lukewarm water to rinse the tooth. Do not use any type of cleaner. Store the tooth in a clean container of milk. Take over-the-counter painkillers in the meantime to settle the pain. You may also use an ice pack externally. Contact your dentist, explain the situation, and get an emergency appointment. Take the broken tooth carefully while keeping it in milk at all times.

These tips to fix a cracked tooth at home can give you temporary relief, prevent further damage, prevent the broken tooth from permanent damage, and save tooth function as well as your money. Time is of the essence in dental emergencies and you should always seek professional help as soon as you can.

Professional dental treatment: How to fix a chipped tooth?

It is a normal human reaction to be worried and panic when one chips or breaks a tooth. One can be worried about how it will impact tooth function and pose aesthetic issues.

While a small chip or crack may not be an emergency, a major fracture or a broken tooth necessitates earlier intervention. It is best to call the dental clinic and enquire if it is urgent or if you can wait for treatment. In any case, it is best to see a dentist for any damage to your teeth because delays can lead to further damage and more expensive treatments. 

To be precise, the treatment for fixing a cracked or chipped tooth will be based on the size of the crack or chipping, location of the damage, depth and extension of the crack, as well as your symptoms and their severity.

Here is how a dentist can fix a chipped tooth:

  • For a minor chip which only affects the enamel, a more conservative treatment like a filling may be the only required treatment. If there is an aesthetic issue, then dental bonding may be a better choice. It does not cause any discomfort for most people and dental bonding is a very fast treatment.
  • When the chipped tooth has a major cosmetic impact, a dental veneer may be used. If you have ever wondered how to fix a front chipped tooth, then a dental veneer is the answer. It may be composed of porcelain or composite resin material and will match your natural tooth color. Veneers can last for a long time if you are good at oral hygiene. 
  • If the chip is bigger and cannot be fixed with the above options, do not worry. It can be fixed with a dental crown. Many options are available including the same-day crown. This option may require the dentist to grind down your tooth before applying the crown. A dental crown can be made out of different materials and which one will be used depends on many factors. 
  • Sometimes a dentist may have to do root canal therapy or extract a tooth. An extracted tooth can be replaced with implants or bridges. 
  • A broken tooth which cannot be salvaged can also be replaced with implants or bridges. Several factors are involved in deciding if a broken tooth can be replanted including the time that has passed, the condition of the tooth, the condition and health of the tooth socket, and many others.

How long it takes to fix a chipped tooth depends on the severity of the damage and the treatment which is needed to fix it. While bonding or a filling may not take too long, other options will.

Another thing people often ask is how much does it cost to fix a chipped tooth. Again, there are so many factors involved like where you live, how experienced your dentist is, and what kind of treatment is required based on your need and damage.

Simple treatments require less time and fewer visits so the cost is lower to fix a cracked or chipped tooth. Significant damage like a broken tooth or one with nerve root involvement or with major cosmetic impact will require more expensive treatments.

Precautions after chipping your tooth

Certain things should be taken care of before you can permanently fix your cracked tooth. These will prevent further damage.

These are the precautions:

  • Avoid foods which are too hard, sticky or crunchy. Avoid these foods till you see your dentist and receive the required treatment.
  • Use gentle oral hygiene measures. Brush and floss gently around the injured tooth as you may irritate it further if you don’t. A cracked or broken tooth can be very sensitive, and aggressive brushing can cause you much discomfort.
  • You should use a mouthguard, as a mouthguard will prevent any further injury from a direct impact. Wearing a mouthguard while playing sports can prevent such injuries in the first place.
  • If you grind your teeth, use a mouthguard given specially to prevent this while you sleep.
  • Avoid eating or drinking acidic foods as these can irritate your injured tooth or teeth. 
  • Never pull out a broken tooth yourself as you can damage your gums and nerve roots. 
  • You should never attempt to file down the edges using sandpaper, a nail filer or any tool as this will cause significant damage to your teeth.

Recovery after a chipped, cracked or broken tooth

You must always follow the instructions given by your dentist after fixing a chipped tooth. This will ensure proper healing and prevent complications for the treated tooth.

It may be necessary in some cases to monitor the healing process after treating a cracked tooth and make necessary adjustments. You must attend all your follow-up appointments.


While home remedies for a chipped or broken tooth can provide temporary relief, these remedies are not a replacement for professional dental care and treatment. To prevent further damage and to get the best possible outcome with minimal intervention, see your dentist as soon as possible. 

At Kirkland Premier Dentistry, you will get the best advice and care to treat a broken, chipped or cracked tooth. All types of advanced solutions are available for restoring function and aesthetics for all such cases as we have the best-trained dentists. 
These solutions are not aimed at how to fix a chipped denture tooth at home as that requires a different approach. If you are looking for a solution for this particular problem, reach out to our experts as we offer solutions for fixing damaged dentures as well.

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