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How to Fix a Chipped Tooth?

August 27, 2021

A chipped tooth is a very common phenomenon that occurs as we age.

During one’s childhood, we may break our teeth, injuring the adjacent few and making a couple chipped, due to various external injuries or mishaps.

There are numerous ways in which we may damage our teeth.

In fact, in some cases, the damage may be extensive, owing to horrendous external injuries.

The only solution to get your tooth repaired in such conditions is to visit your dentist and act immediately. 

What Is a Chipped Tooth? 

A chipped tooth is a part of a tooth that is dismembered or broken due to various reasons mainly injury, aging, poor oral hygiene, or bad diet.

In order to understand what causes chipped teeth, we need to have a thorough knowledge of Enamel. 


It is one of the hardest parts of the human body. It is the most important tissue that makes up for teeth in the human body, animals as well as other living species. 

The enamel is rich in minerals and calcium phosphate is its active ingredient.

The visible portion when we smile reflects our personality, while a chipped tooth may be worrisome.

Over time, the enamel continues to decay with continuous exposure to either acidic substances or poor oral hygiene which leads to the chipped tooth.  

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Causes That Lead to a Chipped Tooth

Several causes lead to a chipped or cracked tooth, some of them are but may not be limited to:

  • External injury is applicable to people of all ages, so precaution is a must and we must take care of our health and wellbeing. 
  • Aging is one of the factors that affect the overall condition of our body as it weakens with time. 
  • Our oral hygiene is a major determining factor in our oral health. 
  • Grinding teeth is a habit that breaks hard, most of us do it unnoticing as we sleep but this leads to chipped teeth in the long run. 
  • A poor diet of consuming too many acidic foods and soda wears our teeth in the long run.  
  • Use of Alcohol. 
  • Tooth decay and cavities are caused by deteriorating oral health and a poor diet. 

A physical examination in the dentist’s clinic will determine whether you may have a chipped tooth, and after a round of consultation, the best method of treatment is designed.

There are numerous ways in which our specialized dentists at Kirkland Premiere Dentistry deal with such situations with ease.

After a thorough dental examination, the tooth is generally reattached, giving one a perfect look.

Some of the Methods Utilized in Fixing a Chipped Tooth Include:

  • Bonding – a process where the dentist repairs it with a filling. A tooth-colored composite resin can also be used to cover the portion of a chipped tooth. 
  • Porcelain Veneer – It is thin tooth-colored porcelain that looks like a tooth, and replaces the broken part.
  • Dental Onlays – These are used by dentists if there is extensive damage. Use of a full dental crown may also be recommended.
  • Cosmetic coloring – fixes discoloration and also helps in contouring. 

If you feel the need to have your chipped or broken tooth repaired, we would be happy to offer a consultation with our specialized dental surgeons, who will guide you through every step.

Chipped teeth treatment must not be prolonged as it affects one’s oral health in the long run, causing more pain and discomfort.

Visit us at Kirkland Premiere Dentistry today and let your fears be allayed.

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