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Teeth Straightening: 6 Reasons Adults Should Get Orthodontic Treatments

Teeth Straightening

Adults and Orthodontic Treatment

Most Adults are resistant to the idea of getting orthodontic treatment even when they are aware of their dental issues.

They feel that braces are reserved for teenagers and preteens.

This was probably valid a generation ago but gone are the days when orthodontic treatments were just meant for teenagers. 

In fact, it is never too late to reclaim your confidence through that perfect smile.

Besides, there are many benefits patients may experience by waiting until adulthood to straighten their teeth.

Orthodontic treatment is a means of straightening or moving teeth, holding immense benefits that should not be ignored.

Discuss with your dentist if you feel reluctant to get orthodontic treatment just because you are an adult.


Main Benefits of Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Traditional braces may be the only solution for extreme cases of overcrowding or crooked teeth.

However, discreet options like ceramic braces are available against metal as they use clear or teeth-colored wires and brackets. 

More discrete options like lingual braces and Invisalign can opt for extreme cases of misalignment.


Straight teeth are not just good looking but they are also healthier. 

Overcrowded teeth and misaligned bites are difficult to be brushed properly, making it difficult for patients to keep their teeth clean.

People with crowded teeth frequently endure gum disease and tooth loss.

Getting orthodontic treatment doesn’t just help improve the appearance of the teeth but also contributes positively to overall oral health.


Straightening the teeth can correct or prevent a few medical issues like a potentially fatal one like sleep apnea, where a person stops breathing while sleeping. 

Speech impediments, such as a lisp are also caused by misalignment.

Overcrowding also leads to gum inflammation and disease, which can cause side effects like heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis and even dementia.

This can be easily avoided by orthodontic treatment.


Though it is easy to manipulate the teeth in youngsters, teens and preteens do not always heed the instructions given. 

Adults are more motivated and careful in following the rules. This helps them to get faster, more effective results.


One of the best ways to persuade your young children or teenagers to get braces is by getting yours first.

Adults in the household with crooked or overcrowded teeth that were not treated, may make teens think treatment is unnecessary. 

A great way to encourage teenagers to get braces is to do the same yourself. 


A straighter smile can improve self-esteem. People may not smile very often and feel conscious about their appearance if they have crooked teeth. 

Among one of the many benefits of orthodontic treatment, one of the most desired benefits is an improvement of self-esteem & confidence.

Straight teeth are more attractive as they are a sign of good health and youth.


The Bottom Line

Most commonly worn by pre-teen and teenage patients, braces are now very popular with adults too.

You can improve your self-esteem and treat unhealthy teeth by getting orthodontic treatments. 

Dr. Sheena Gaur, a trusted dentist in Kirkland attends to you and offers solutions to your dental issues.

Let us know if you have questions or concerns regarding getting your teeth straightened. We are here to always help you.

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Dr. Sheena Gaur Dr. Sheena Gaur Dr. Sheena Gaur, DDS, is a general family dentist at Kirkland Premier Dentistry in Kirkland, Washington. She specializes in preventive and restorative dentistry, crowns, bridges, extractions, and cosmetic dentistry, including veneers and Invisalign® treatments.

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