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How PIC System Can Help Your Implants Procedure at Kirkland Premier Dentistry

March 9, 2023

Technology in present times has made much progress in every field including modern medicine. 

Staying abreast with the latest innovations and techniques and constantly upgrading our clinic with state-of-the-art equipment has always been a priority for us in order to provide our patients with the best possible experience when it comes to their dental treatment. 

Advances in science and technology have benefited all aspects of dental science allowing us to provide our patient’s utmost comfort, reduce their anxiety and save their time by simplifying the processes while at the same time enhancing precision and making a more accurate diagnosis. 

Similar is the case with  Precise Implants Capture (PIC), an accurate technique when it comes to multiple tooth rehabilitation through dental implants. The many benefits of PIC are being reaped by our patients every day.

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What is Precise Implants Capture?

PIC system

Precise Implants Capture or PIC is undoubtedly the most precise and efficacious dental implant rehabilitation solution available in the market at present times. 

A digital impression technique PIC is exclusively designed to help with multiple implant restorations. Being precise up to 4 microns, PIC is authenticated by several scientific studies. All this combined with several successful clinical cases is acclaimed to be the only technique that is not only fast but most accurate when it comes to taking digital impressions during the procedure of placing multiple dental implants. 

PIC is incredibly dependable, permitting us to get correct and accurate impressions regardless of the number of implants being inserted. The process of PIC is the least invasive, very comfortable, and extremely fast. 

Implementing photogrammetry technology, the Precise Implants Capture (PIC) camera captures the patient’s mouth to consolidate the information about the exact location of the implants, the angles, and the space between implants with the highest possible accuracy.  It then converts the information into a PIC file, which acts as a flawless digital model of the patient’s mouth.

We are using the PIC camera to avail of its many advantages for our patients. This flawless technology has been helping make accu

What are the advantages of PIC System?

The PIC system not only provides us with the facility to drastically improve the quality of dental restorations but also allows us to cut down the treatment time and the number of appointments for our patients. 

PIC camera has revolutionized the rehabilitation of multiple implant cases with their endless benefits. Some of these include:

  • Speed: The process of PIC being fast allowed us to help our patients save precious time. After the placing of PIC registration flags, all it takes is only a minute to capture the image, cutting the diagnosis time quite substantially! 
  • Comfort: PIC camera makes it possible for the captures to be done quickly thanks to its photogrammetry technology, thus the technique is totally non-invasive and does away with the process of messy and uncomfortable putty impressions. The product helps us to provide the utmost comfortable and smooth experience to our patients. 
  • Precision: Precision is one of the highest points of a PIC Camera. The captures taken by the PIC camera being 99.9% accurate work much better than a mold because of its access to the smallest details of the patient’s mouth. The most accurate oral scanner for implants in the world to date, PIC Camera can evaluate the smallest details of the patient’s mouth, allowing it to record the precise position, angles, and associated spaces between the platforms of implants. This accuracy gives us a facility to provide better treatment to our patients. 
  • Reliability: PIC Dental Camera simply takes a single capture against the several captures that are required to be taken with the traditional methods or intraoral scanners which can compromise the accuracy as the result of each step is dependent on the last one. This makes this method an extremely useful tool when it comes to the placement of multiple dental implants as the details matter! 

PIC System at Kirkland Premier Dentistry

We at Kirkland Premier Dentistry strongly believe in constantly improvising and updating our clinic with cutting-edge technologies like the PIC system to provide you with the best possible treatment and yield highly satisfactory results. 

Dr. Gaurav Sharma explains that Precise Implants Capture (PIC) technology allows us to not only provide our patients with the best treatment and results but also save them from spending more than necessary time in dental consultation and helps to cuts down office visits.

Moreover, by helping us to capture exact and reliable information for an accurate fit of the implant-supported prosthetic, the PIC system decreases the need for multiple measurements and adjustments, saving our patients from discomfort. 

With Kirkland Premier Dentistry, you are in the hands that you can trust with your precious smile and oral health. We constantly strive to bring the latest innovation and improvisation for the benefit of our patients. We are here to give to our patients the most hassle-free and comforting experience ever. 

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